Which problems does CMaaS solve?

  • You’re looking into mobility solutions, but they don’t fit your ambitions

  • The utilization rate of your car fleet is low and you’re not sure what to do

  • You’re working with a lot of vendors & you need a solution to consolidate and control them

  • You have savings objectives, but not enough savings potential

  • You’d love to spend more time on strategic fleet management, but you’re caught up in daily emergencies and fire-fighting

The core principles of CMaaS

  • Don’t write off the company car, but add alternative solutions

Enhance We believe in additional solutions that can support any car fleet strategy, whether you desire an aggressive or defensive solution. We can tailor a solution for you.

  • Tailor fleet and mobility solutions to location, user needs and supply chain availability

Flexibility Your business is complex, not just across geographies, supply chain, employee/business company needs but also your culture. Our fleet and mobility solutions retain your flexibility that enable you to continue to win as a team.

  • Use technology to reduce complexity

Technology Our Innovative technology creates a simple and elegant solution that is friendly to all users.

  • Deliver cost neutral change

Cost Significance We understand the challenge of budget constraints and the importance of cost reduction. We work with you to generate savings that can be used for investment.

The CMaaS technology:

4 solutions in one

Benefits Strategy and Policies. 

Transition from old to new

Digital Fleet Manager

Automated Transaction Manager

Mobility Aggregator

Benefits Strategy and Policies.

Transition from old to new

Fleet and Benefit specialists will co-design with you a Blueprint that will ENHANCE  your future Car Fleet & Mobility policies. The Blueprint is a tailor-made, futureproof but realistic vision design to contributes to your Company’s overall success,  retaining the FLEXIBILITY in function of people, business model within SIGNIFICANT budgets

In addition to the Blueprint, the CMaaS experts will help you in transiting from your previous fleet model to a new one; transition that not just includes using TECHNOLOGY but also focus group analysis, mobility-acceptance calculations, change management and change communication.


Digital Fleet Manager

The Digital Fleet Manager is the first piece of TECHNOLOGY that CMaaS implements. It’s our AI powered solution that truly ENHANCES by consolidating all asset and employee data, regardless of its source; it verifies invoices on your behalf, tells you every day what the most urgent to-dos are and allows you to communicate directly with your drivers and mobility users via the mobile phone application. If you have telematics in place or would like to connect the system with the car’s engine control unit, we have the FLEXIBILITY to get this done for you as well. This can all be completed with a SIGNIFICANT budget advantage.


Automated Transaction Manager

Managing transactions, especially Mobility transactions, is tricky and requires FLEXIBILITY as the same Uber ride can be “commuting”, “business mobility” or “private mobility”; each transaction needs to come from a dedicated budget (corporate or private) and has different tax implications. The Transaction Manager TECHNOLOGY will ENHANCE the operations, and will first examine each transaction from a policy perspective (e.g. “Is the Employee allowed to take an Uber for commuting?”) and based on the answer, allocate it to the most suitable and SIGNIFICANT budget, tax bucket and ERP directory (recoverable cost, non-recoverable cost, recharge via payroll,…).


Mobility Aggregator

The Mobility Aggregator is our most FLEXIBLE TECHNOLOGY as it allows your Employees to use virtually any mobility application available in your country or region  but as an integrated stand alone benefit or integrated into an existing mobility policy. There are no limits, as you can also integrate public transport (tickets and subscriptions), parking and even flexible office space.  If the vendor has a digital platform, we can include their service into a SIGNIFICANT solution to ENHANCE your employee experience.

The Mobility Aggregator is therefore able to translate any consumer product into a corporate mobility solution, without your 


Where are you located and how can you get in touch?

We’re in Europe, Australia and Asia.  You can reach us via contact form or email (contact@cmaas.solutions)

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