Behind Innovation

The CMaaS Pyramid 

CMaaS uses TECHNOLOGY to create additional tools that ENHANCE, that are FLEXIBLE and SIGNIFICANT 

1. to the existing dedicated company car:

2. a platform to transform your own leased or purchased vehicles into shared cars

3. and the technology to make mobility solutions available to your employees as either a stand alone benefit solution or integrated into your mobility policies

A dedicated car for those employees who really need one

Shared cars for the employees who need “a car” rather than “their car”

mobility solutions when and where they work best for you

Flexibility in Action

CMaaS is unique, not only because of its TECHNOLOGY, but also because it gives you the freedom to evolve and ENHANCE your fleet & mobility setup. Transitioning away from company cars won’t happen overnight: you need the FLEXIBILITY to make gradual changes, in function of the office location, the profile of your employees and the availability of suitable solution within a SIGNIFICANT cost.

With CMaaS, you can have a car fleet in Warsaw, mobility solutions in Berlin and a car sharing in Barcelona. Or all 3 operating at the same time in Amsterdam. It’s entirely up to you to configure the offering for each of your offices.

As you gradually decrease the number of dedicated cars, for instance, you can increase the number of pool cars or, indeed, mobility.

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