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Digital integration of Fleet and Mobility

3 inspirational case studies

Fleet Management is modernizing right before our eyes, with Fleet Managers at the forefront of change, moving away from the traditional dedicated car setup, to a new digital future state ground transportation model. In parallel, the business requirements for employee transportation are changing dramatically, e.g. younger generations desire new solutions, inner-city traffic is becoming a challenge and the pandemic has instigated a shift in employee behaviour.

Nevertheless, even if consumer behavior shifts from the personal car to alternatives,  this doesn’t mean that it works for the corporate clients: business continuity is essential, and any solution needs to be manageable operationally, from a cost and tax perspective, to acceptance by employees and their representation bodies. It’s obvious that alternatives to the company car are not available off the shelve and, consequently, complex to implement.

CMaaS has approached the modernization question from a new angle, with a focus on 3 buckets of solutions: the traditional company car, the shared asset (car, bicycle or other) and mobility. The CMaaS technology allows the client to manage these 3 options bottom-up (from a solution point of view) and top-down (from a back-office point of view). CMaaS’ objective is to give flexible options to the client and their employees: cars for employees who have no alternative, mobility for urban employees and shared assets for punctual vehicle needs.

During the digital Global Fleet Conference, CMaaS experts Shane Curran (Australia) and William Ireson (Europe) offered the conference attendees a look behind the scenes of 3 organizations: a car fleet oriented company focusing on savings, a construction company focusing on operational efficiencies and finally, a retail company that has decided to implement mobility in several of their office locations. Shane and William describe the client profile, policy innovation and the deployment of technologies supporting the strategies of the 3 companies.

The webinar gives a unique opportunity to access transformation projects that involve tech, mobility, policy and futureproofing. Click on the link for insights and inspiration!


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