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- Use gamification to incentivize the Employees

Our company has introduced CO2 commuting budgets this year to become greener and more sustainable. This has reduced the number of Company Cars, which employees support as we all want to work for a more sustainable company. What’s even better, is that our HR department has used the available budget and design a new benefit, which entitles us to 100 CO2 credits per month that we can use for commuting from home to work and back. We’re even incentivized to use more active solutions, which is great as I personally prefer to cycle, which gets me additional credits added to my account. However, if I take a car or an Uber I lose 5 credits. Since the benefit was introduced, I’m a lot fitter and healthier as I want to keep gaining credits by cycling. It’s even made me eat healthier as I feel more motivated to stay healthy.

I also got my team to measure our  performance against other teams  as there is a platform  where you can log your progress and create some healthy competition to become the most eco-friendly team.  The HR team are top of the table, but my team is preparing a come-back with a full week of cycling planned.

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