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How I increased my disposable income


Anticipate on tax increases

I live in South Amsterdam and commute 20km to my office in a nearby town. I used to commute in a 1.6 litre VW Passat estate Company Car, which I really enjoyed driving, but I had to pay 335 euro of personal taxation per month. In addition I had to also pay parking cost and other sundry costs, which totaled 500 euro per month for the car kept increasing  each year.

I then made a decision to return my company car, as I have good access to public transport, that my Company pays with a Commuting Benefit, and for days I need a Car for Business Travel, my company provides me with access to a pool of electric shared cars. I now commute to work for free and travel for business for free. The only time I spend money on travel is for private trips outside of work, which is only aprox 150 Euro, where I can use any private mobility options or at times the Company pool cars which we can use at weekends, self-funded. That’s 350 euro in the pocket per month.

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