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Integrating new generations


Integrated fleet management and mobility tech at work to attract new generations

Our Talent Acquisition Team called us into a meeting about a year ago. They told us that, especially in the Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp and London offices, our benefit packages were no longer adequate for the type of young employees that we were trying to onboard. Which resulted in us losing many good candidates to other tech companies and startups. I’m responsible for Employee Benefits which includes the strategy for the Company Car Fleet., so I asked them how I can help. The Talent Acquisition team told me that many young graduates live in the city centres, so have no regular space to park a car, and in most cases don’t need a car because public transport is more convenient and cheaper. Many of the candidates didn’t even have a drivers license.  The candidates often talked about how they navigate the city by a wide selection of available options from their phone, such as Uber, Scooters, Bicycles and shared cars, as they only want to use mobility for when they need it, rather than be stuck with an expensive car that costs them a lot of money and difficult to drive and park in the city. I wanted to check if this was the same mindset of our current employees, so I organized a few focus groups with our young employees and they echoed the same opinions, where “owning” their own private or even company car is not even an option for their lifestyle.. They recognize that a car can be useful, but only on a demand basis, that’s one of many mobility options that they can access on their phone. The message was clear. We needed to change the benefits package to ensure that our candidates wouldn’t turn away. After circulating the results of the focus group, we were amazed that this mindset wasn’t just limited to young candidates but all ages, especially with our internal leadership . The leadership were also changing the way they travelled in the city, with more and more mobility options becoming available in the city. So we had a green light and leadership support to change the benefit package. We started with the package for newcomers, especially in our city-center based offices. A flexible mobility budget that gave access to the multiple mobility options in the city plus access to the pool cars for business use. With less need for a dedicated car, out costs have come down, so we’ve now been able to expand the mobility budget to all employees and add in new components, such as gym subscriptions, access to WeWork office space, that gives the employee total control and flexibility on choosing what suits them best. We even created enough budget to provide a full zonal public transport benefit for all employees without a car. Our new Benefits package has improved not just the recruitment success ratio, but also the daily experience of our existing employees who feel they have a truly valuable benefit offering from the company. It’s been such a success we’re being asked to share our story in our networks and conferences.

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