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Corona has forced us to adjust work schedules, adjust environments and assess employee wellbeing. It’s uncertain if employees will get back in their cars or demand more ‘open air’ mobility solutions. Whether you’re a fleet manager or HR manager, get ahead of the virus to a secure a market leading future.

As governments start their exit strategies, each phase will bring new information, guidelines, and learnings. In a series of articles, CMaaS will bring you along the journey with recommendations on how to adapt to the ‘new normal’.


CMaaS can resolve problems created by Corona



Complexities with existing fleet size and utilization:

Probability of additional underutilisation solved with a digital fleet operating system, for complete fleet visibility and management of active/idle/surplus fleets and the potential of sharing vehicles. Reduce carbon emission and running costs with monitoring of home working.

Budget constraints:

Create cost savings on all running and operational costs through automation and cost control. Reduce your TCO.


Create operational efficiencies with AI digital fleet management, maximising FTE capabilities and tasks. Improve your teams’ operational excellence and overcome different levels of expertise by using task-based software

Project delays:

Focus on low investment, high return projects. Prepare for high pricing from traditional vendors. Explore new opportunities with existing assets, pool cars, electrification and mobility.

Driver Reassurance:

Connect drivers to cars/fleet managers to reduce unnecessary human contact whilst creating a social employer/employee connection.

Future resilience:

Increase digitisation of Fleet and Mobility Management. Integrate new employee requirements (home working, open-air mobility solutions, distancing, flexible mobility)



Corona proof Benefits Policies:

Insured benefits are not the only employee protection policies that protect against Corona. Mobility needs re-thinking to ensure employees are also protected in how/when they travel for commuting, business, even personal.

Employee Wellness Priorities: Support environmental, social and physical wellbeing through Flexible Workings, Mobility options and gym subscriptions via CMaaS platform, with gamification for social interaction. Even include home delivery services.

Public Transport no longer suitable:

More options need to be considered. E.g. Bikes, are agile, keep distance, clean, sustainable, active and vary in modes and accessibility. Adding a bike option or mobility budget to an existing public transport pass can add responsible and affordable value.

Mobility Market Uncertainty:

Corona has quickly changed mobility preferred options, with shared cars, public transport falling out of favour, and bikes/ride hailing becoming preferred options. CMaaS Enables plug and play of any mobility at any time, to protect against market changes/vendor crashes.

Benefits Cars Optimization:

Optimize existing fleet management (cars, drivers and fleet manager resources) through digital fleet manager. Employees may not want to move to mobility, so ensure that your fleet is also adapted to corona needs, in a most cost and resource efficient means.

Policy Consistency:

All countries have impacted from Corona, so HR policies need to apply to all and be consistent. CMaaS can ensure policy and mobility resources across all countries.


Any adjustments or new design will require resources that are limited. CMaaS Transaction manager processes all transactions into ERP, taxation/payroll/concur.


We prepared the one page document how to support your actions in a post corona world. Please download it from following link.

CMaaS Redesigning your mobility
Download PDF • 3.47MB

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