What if you could ‘prescribe’ mobility to employees?

Boris’ new £50 repair voucher plans to get Britain on its Bike. Dust off that old bike out of the shed, get it fixed and start shedding those excess Corona pounds.

Public transport will still be a packed and hot as a sauna oven. Whilst sweating in a tube is a great way to lose weight, it’s better to be above ground on a stress free, open, fast, health and environmental boosting bicycle.

It’s fair to say that cycling in London also can be an adventure, so to help build confidence, safety and convenience for all ages, £2 billion is being invested into electric options, station storage, street bike hangars, protected bike routes, highway code enhancements and street improvements.

Boris also wants to create ‘Mini Hollands’ but hopefully without the ‘bike vs tourist’ rivalry or ‘carry anyone and

everything’ on your Dutch bike lifestyle. Every Dutchie would love £50 to heal some of their beloved bike battle wounds, so the Brits should welcome this with open ‘pints in hand’ arms. A word of warning, please don’t drink and bike. It may be a surprise, but it’s also illegal in the Netherlands (including texting).

Cycling is so good for you, that the Governement is even launching Bikes on Prescription to tackle obesity, where patients can access bikes through their local GP surgery.

If a Dr can prescribe cycling as a government benefit, shouldn’t a corporate?

Covid-19 has made employers the ‘go to’ for employee advise and support, looking for answers and solutions to problems never faced before. CMaaS are specialists at designing ‘corporate prescriptions’ for employees’ physical, mental, social, and environmental remedies that they now demand from mobility. From a practical point, CMaaS has the technology that allows you to add virtually any mobility vendor you choose, from bike, scooters, shared cars, parking, even flexible office space to enable smart ‘employee choice’ mobility. There is no limit to what vendors you wish to add. You can even decide how you wish to deliver the ‘mobility prescription’ whether it be a monetary value, points system, even CO2 budget…….or add some fun in and create incentives and wellness games for cross departmental challenges to really drive engagement. Forget beating the other team sin KPI’s……instead take them on in a fitness challenge and beat them in KG’s, whilst saving the planet.

CMaaS is also an Operations departments zen. No more clunky excel files, or laggy systems. Each transaction is process through an Automatic Transaction Manager that slots easily into any ERP, Payroll system ……even automatic reading of the necessary taxation.

A ‘medical prescription’ does of course have limitations, as it’s often a short-term reactive fix. So CMaaS is able to transform your ‘mobility prescription’ into a long term proactive ‘mobility policy’ that upgrades your benefits package and employee value proposition.

The UK is one of the many EU countries rapidly advancing mobility and incentives, and CMaaS is ready and one step ahead with complete scalability to expand your ‘mobility policy’ across any country, employee group or vendor.

CMaaS technology was designed to lead innovation, and with the market now ‘waking up’…..there’s no more excuses for ‘waiting’ ……..instead take advise from the ‘early bird’!