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Why I gave up my car


- Create new benefit

Nothing beats the availability of having your own car. At least that’s what I thought, but when I started to weigh up all the issues I was experiencing, such as time stuck in traffic jams, looking for parking spots that are overpriced, plus the general running costs of a car, I really started to change my mind and consider alternatives.

Luckily my company has also thought about the issues of having a car and is giving us the opportunity to switch our car for a mobility package. It means, we can use various solutions for business trips, but also receive a first-class public transport subscription for commuting, which is perfect for reaching clients outside of London.

In addition, HR has created a new benefit that caters for my private trips providing me with a budget I can used on private transport, which in London is ideal as I can access any number of shared cars in the area for a short shopping trip, or to access an Uber if I want to go for dinner and drinks with my friends on a Saturday evening.

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