Don’t worry, you’re not alone:

no one has budget for innovation

What about CMaaS giving you budget to innovate?

Dedicated Car
Fleet OS

We implement the TECHNOLOGY: Digital Fleet Manager and the pool car module. This generates budget on the following items:

  • Operational ENHANCEMENTS: free up time for your teams. Our Digital Fleet Manager turns your staff into super-fleet managers: 1 FTE can manage up to 4000 cars.

  • SIGNIFICANT Cost and invoice control: reduce slack on those unforeseen costs and save anywhere between 3% and 17% (based on existing customer results) on your TCO

  • Pool cars: you have the tech to create your own FLEXIBILITY: turn (some of) your cars into shared cars. Get rid of those underutilized vehicles and replace them with shared cars. Save up to 10K per cancelled car

One of our core principles is

Cost Significant,

whether cost neutral or generate savings, our solutions will be cost significant and not occur by chance


operates in

3 phases

Where are you located and how can you get in touch?

We’re in Europe, Australia and Asia.  You can reach us via contact form or email (

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