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Who are we?

Value Added Reseller

CMaaS is a Value Added Reseller (or VAR) of 3 independent companies: Connector, VAIGO and OviDrive.

VARs have started to play an essential role in the SaaS business; SAP, for instance, counts on VARs to grow new business lines and adapt its product range to the needs of their clients.

VARs use a combination of existing tech and expertise and develop a new, generally more performant solution. The advantage for the client is massive: rather than puzzling a solution together and having to deal with the complexity of joining different pieces of tech, the VAR is taking care of it and delivers a clean and integrated technology. On top of that, being a VAR allows us to simplify the contracting process as well as vendor management: you only have to talk to one legal entity. This is how CMaaS can deliver what no predecessor has ever delivered before in the Corporate Fleet and Mobility arena.

CMaaS operates under the Connector umbrella. Connector is a Fleet, Mobility and Tech advisory company with expertise in futureproofing corporate fleets. It was the first vendor to implement a true mobility program for its US based sportswear client and is now making that 18-month experience available to the market via CMaaS.


Connector is responsible for sales, contracting, transition, benefits & policy.

Our hosting company

The Digital Fleet Manager

The OviDrive team are an interesting combination of Fleet and Technology experts. Some of them used to work in the car leasing industry, others have a background in AI or app development. They came together around the question: why is Fleet Management such a labor-intensive business if there’s tech to do it better?

This was 5 years ago and OviDrive is now a global player in AI powered fleet management software. The OviDrive system works with live data via connectivity. This means that you don’t need to upload data tables, but instead, the system will continuously update its own data through connectivity between asset (car, LCV, motorbike,..) and user. AI helps the system to learn and replicate your behavior: if you consistently approve 4 new tires for a car with 40.000km on the counter, the system will propose you to automate this approval. As you work with the OviDrive system, more and more actions will be automated, leaving you more time to do your job.

The mobility integrator and transaction manager

The VAIGO platform is a truly unique piece of software that turns consumer on-demand mobility solutions into a corporate service. It does so by focusing on individual mobility transactions (e.g. an Uber ride), verifying that transaction with your policies (e.g. “employees can use Uber to visit clients”) and without any human interaction, posting that transaction into the correct ERP and allocating it to the correct tax buckets.

On top of that, VAIGO is able to integrate with virtually any on-demand solution. The strategy is brilliant: most mobility aggregators try to integrate mobility solutions on their platform (which is why the offering is usually limited), but VAIGO is built to do just the opposite and acts as a “flexible client” of mobility suppliers.


This means that CMaaS can integrate virtually any solution, including parking, flexible office space and even public transport.

So, we'are a startup?

CMaaS is a new product, but we’re certainly not small! The CMaaS team includes over 40 developers, over 10 fleet experts, a dedicated Total Rewards specialist, data analysts, graphic designers, marketing specialists, project managers…


We started developing CMaaS in December 2017 and have already delivered a successful PoC in 24 European countries. Just saying… we’re ready!

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